(2019) Stereo Digital Source Components

Price: AU$25,500

Website: www.aplhifi.com

Tom said: The DSD-SR’s overall balance seemed on the lighter side of what I’m used to. This in turn meant the reduced mid-bass weight allowed small mid-range details to become more apparent.

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The gist: Not-quite-neutral DAC.

Price: AU$18,800

Website: www.aquahifi.com

Peter said: For me, for the time being, and especially when you factor in the xHD’s value for often bleeding-edge performance, I’d call it a “bargain and the best I ever had.”

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The gist: Modularity adds value to this DAC.

Price: $5999

Website: us.auralic.com

Jeff said: You can insert an Auralic Vega G2 in your audio system and be confident that you’re hearing everything on your recordings -- as long as the rest of your system is up to the task. It’s not this DAC that will be the limiting factor, I can assure you.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Amazingly transparent DAC at a great price.

Price: $1199

Website: www.bluesound.com

Gordon said: In short, while new features like support of AirPlay 2, Siri voice control, and two-way Bluetooth add to the Vault 2i’s appeal, what’s most impressive about the product is its unique functionality, and the overall excellence of the BluOS software platform.

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The gist: The BluOS software is really the thing here.

Price: AU$7500

Website: www.chordelectronics.co.uk

Edgar said: While it may require a minor readjustment to accept yet another device into the signal chain, there’s no denying the performance payoff more than justifies it.

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The gist: Add this to your Chord stack for even more performance.

Price: $5999

Website: www.cocktailaudio.com

Aron said: If you’re in the market for an all-in-one music player with exemplary build quality and an industry-leading résumé of features, Cocktail Audio’s X45Pro deserves to be on your shortlist.

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The gist: A little cool sounding but hard to fault otherwise.

Price: AU$13,995 as reviewed

Website: www.linn.co.uk

Barry said: For music lovers who are over (or never got into) constant tweaking it offers a level of performance that is frighteningly close to far more expensive (and space consuming) equipment, something I find very appealing.

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The gist: Linn’s take on a great digital front end.

Price: AU$3290

Website: www.luminmusic.com

Bryan said: Being able to play most formats and with great sound and ease of use I could see the U1 Mini being a perfect solution to someone who is content with his/her current DAC but who would like to play the file formats and streaming services available nowadays.

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The gist: Lumin’s basic network player.

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