The 2018 SoundStage! Network Buying Guide features summaries of all stereo and home-theater products reviewed in the calendar year across all of our publications. The Buying Guide is subdivided by product and price, with each article including pricing details, a review summary, a full-review link, and product-award indicators.

All prices are in US dollars unless indicated otherwise.

Price: AU$5300

Website: www.bowers-wilkins.net

Edgar said: The DB2D offers excellent build quality, superb driver engineering, generous high-tech features via comprehensive DSP and App control, a pedigree based on the world’s largest speaker manufacturer (alongside a high resale value) and, of course, extraordinary low frequency sound quality.

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The gist: Complete subwoofer package from a giant in the industry.

Price: $2499

Website: www.elac.com

Brent said: Elac’s Adante SUB3070 is a beautifully designed, technically sophisticated subwoofer with the most capable and friendly control app I’ve ever encountered in a sub. It has the smooth, well-defined sound a subwoofer needs to blend well with a high-end music system, and its app allows it to be tuned to near perfection, even in situations in which the optimal subwoofer position must be compromised for the sake of visual aesthetics.

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The gist: Sub for you connoisseurs of fine bass.

Price: $1299.98

Website: www.elac.us

Brent said: The Elac IW-S10EQ is a very well thought-out and reasonably priced solution for those who want deep bass but lack the space for a subwoofer -- or who don’t want to listen to complaints about their sub taking up too much space.

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The gist: The nifty app is the main selling point.

Price: $1299.99

Website: www.monoprice.com

Brent said: If you value precise pitch and definition over toe-tapping groove, this is your sub. If you value awesome punch over couch shake, this is your sub.

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The gist: Sub that puts bass quality before quantity.

Price: AU$6499

Website: www.rel.net

Edgar said: Given the 212/SE’s powerful set of attributes, I have to say that I was rather smitten… and will indeed miss this most superbly engineered and thought-out product.

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The gist: Getting this sub integrated properly is a key strength.

Price: $3000 per pair

Website: www.aurender.com

Gordon said: In short, Aurender’s S5W is a beautifully made active wireless speaker that offers a unique mix of simplicity and versatility.

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The gist: Great build, cool battery operation, with pretty good sound.

Price: $968-$1474 per pair, depending on finish

Website: www.axiomaudio.com

Philip said: A speaker like Axiom’s M5HP is proof that you can get incredible sound, superb engineering, and fantastic build quality at a reasonable price.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Re-evaluate what you think great speakers cost.

Price: $800 per pair

Website: www.bowers-wilkins.com

Diego said: In my room, the Bowers & Wilkins 606 provided clean, surprisingly ample bass for its size; a clean, extended top end; and a detailed, airy midrange -- all with very few cabinet colorations.

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The gist: Incrementally better than its predecessors.

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