Price: $4199

Website: www.audiodesksysteme.de

Tom said: Not having had an original Vinyl Cleaner to compare it to, I can say only that the new model is a truly remarkable component. In fact, this vinyl aficionado now can’t imagine listening to his records without it.

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The gist: When you really take record cleaning seriously.

Price: €397 

Website: www.jplay.eu

Howard said: Designed to work with Windows- and Linux-based USB DACs and USB-to-S/PDIF converters, the JCAT USB Card was created through a partnership with JCAT and Canada’s Adnaco Technology, the latter a designer of products for home computers, marine radar, precision industrial measurement systems, data-acquisition systems, telecom test gear, and medical devices. 

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The gist: Get the best from USB-based playback.

Price: €365

Website: www.jplay.eu

Howard said: The JCAT USB Isolator rejects computer-based noise by providing full galvanic isolation to the USB bus up to 2.5kV, and regenerates, repacketizes, and reclocks the incoming USB computer signal. 

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The gist: Makes USB playback quieter. 

Price: $8400/eight

Website: www.magico.net

Jeff said: If you’re going to go to the considerable expense of buying, placing, and powering a pair of Magico speakers -- some of the most revealing speakers ever made, if not the most revealing -- why forgo that last drop of possible higher sound quality? It’s real, and once you hear it, you won’t be able to go back.

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The gist: The ultimate tweak for your Magico speakers.

Price: AU$750 per level

Website: www.sgraudio.com

Edgar said: SGR Audio’s Signature Hi-Fi Rack is one of the very best audio support systems available, full stop.

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The gist: Edgar calls this rack an “extraordinary value.”

Price: $12,500

Website: www.symposiumusa.com

Howard said: A rare blend of value, good looks, and performance, it’s an easy recommendation.

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The gist: Put your SOTA components on this puppy.

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