Prices: $385 each (FI-50 NCF), 157 per meter (FP-TCS31 Alpha PC-Triple C)

Website: www.furutech.com

Howard said: Yes, you can buy finished Furutech cords that contain PC-Triple C copper conductors and and/or FI-50 connectors. However, I suspect that, if you do, you’ll pay a lot more than if you’d made the cord yourself. Highly recommended.

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The gist: Make your own high-end power cord at a reduced cost.

Price: $399 per 1.2m cord

Website: www.madscientist-audio.com

Colin said: I wouldn’t go wrong buying Mad Scientist Audio’s Heretical Analog interconnects and Nitro power cords -- they’re excellent products and incredible bargains. They’re not audio jewelry -- you may want to hide the Nitros from sensitive eyes -- but looks are clearly not everything. If your cable budget is limited and you want to know how great wires can transform a system’s sound, go Mad.

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The gist: Interesting design at a good price.

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