Price: $3200

Website: www.integrahometheater.com

Vince said: With its brawny 11 channels of amplification and the latest object-based surround decoding, the DRX-R1 is at the pinnacle of today’s home-theater receivers.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Put this on your shortlist of flagship HT receivers.

Price: $5500

Website: www.mcintoshlabs.com

Al said: Not only does it provide reference-quality video performance, 3D audio and video playback, upscaling to 4K, flawless operational performance (aside from some lighting idiosyncrasies), and seductive sound quality -- it does all of that for a cool grand less than the device it aspires to be: McIntosh’s own MCD550 SACD/CD player.

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The gist: Perfect source to round-out your all-Mac setup.

Price: $549

Website: www.oppodigital.com

Wes said: All in all, Oppo Digital has another winner in the UDP-203. 

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The gist: Can't do better for a reasonably priced BD player.

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