Siltech SPX-800Prices: $2750 per 1.5m cord (Siltech Ruby Hill II); $1250 per 1.5m cord (Siltech SPX-800); $3300 (Siltech Octopus Signature Eight)


Garrett said: No, they’re not inexpensive, but they are ultra-high-quality items that added refinement, tonal weight, timbral complexity, and an overall naturalness in the flow of the music to the qualities my system already had. Like paints, brushes, chalk, pencils, charcoals, paper, clay, and canvas for a Raphael, and as much as any other components in your chain of audio amplification, power cords and power distributors are materials that can ease the transfer of recorded sound and bring you closer to the artistic conception of the music. They can make a dimension’s worth of difference.

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The gist: Garrett's reference power products.