The SoundStage! Network's Preamplifier-Measurement History with BHK Labs

Following the introduction of our highly successful loudspeaker-testing program with Canada's National Research Council (NRC) and subsequent amplifier-testing program in 2002, the SoundStage! Network began its preamplifier-testing program in late 2004.

To conduct these test we commissioned BHK Labs, the same laboratory who does the Network's amplifier tests, headed by Bascom King, well-known design engineer, consultant, and technical writer for such magazines as the former Audio.

Each preamplifier is tested using the Audio Precision System Two, and each preamplifier goes through the same type of testing program to ensure consistency, quality, and comparability in the test results.

Preamplifier models measured
(arranged alphabetically by brand name)

Accuphase C-2850 (SSLab)
Angela-Gilbert Yeung C312 (SSLab)
Audio Research Reference 3 (BHK)
Aurum Acoustics Integris CDP (BHK)
Bryston BP 6 C-Series (BHK)
Bryston BR-20 (SSLab)
Conrad-Johnson ACT2 (BHK)
Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Ultimate Mk II (BHK)
Einstein The Tube (BHK)
Hegel Music Systems P30A (SSLab)
Karan Acoustics Masterpiece Collection LINEb (SSLab)
Meitner Audio PRE (SSLab)
NuForce P-9 (BHK)
Rogue Audio Metis (BHK)
Simaudio Moon 791 (SSLab)
Song Audio SA-1 (BHK)
SPL Director Mk2 (SSLab)