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October 2006

Aurum Integris Active 300B Loudspeaker System: Measurements

PLEASE NOTE: The Aurum Integris Active 300B is a three-piece active system comprised of two floorstanding speakers and an external amplifiier. Because this is an active system, measurements of sensitivity, impedance and electrical phase are not applicable. Furthermore, because of some technical issues between the measuring system and the amplifier electronics, accurate THD+N and Deviation from Linearity measurements could not be obtained.

All  loudspeaker measurements are performed independently at the National Research Council of Canada. Please click to learn more about how we test loudspeakers there. All measurement data and graphical information displayed below are the property of SoundStage! and Schneider Publishing Inc. Reproduction in any format is not permitted.

Chart 1 - Frequency Response and Sensitivity

Microphone measuring position: tweeter axis

Grille: off

Sensitivity: n/a

Frequency response, 20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m)

Top curve: on-axis response
Middle curve: 15 degrees off-axis response
Bottom curve: 30 degrees off-axis response

Frequency response, 20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m)

Top curve: 45 degrees off-axis response
Middle curve: 60 degrees off-axis response
Bottom curve: 75 degrees off-axis response

Chart 2 - Listening Window

Listening Window, 20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m)

Response curve is an average of five measurements:
on-axis, 15 degrees left and right off-axis,
15 degrees up and down off-axis

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